International mobility

L'ÉLAN - international mobility expert
“Secondment” or “French local work contract”? How to optimise costs for international movements ?

If you need to arrange and manage the costs of employees coming to France for short or long-term projects, under a local contract or on temporary assignment, in order to:
  • develop international markets;
  • provide qualified staff for specific services to be provided;
  • benefit from in-house expertise;
  • transfer know-how;
  • train the “young generation”;
  • get your teams up to speed;
  • disseminate your corporate culture;
  • share practices;
  • oversee financial transactions;
  • develop careers...
L’ÉLAN can arrange expatriation packages, coordinate all the procedures to be completed and support you throughout the expatriation of one of your employees to France.

We offer a variety of services to meet your needs:
  1. 1. For the person or department arranging such an international assignment, our work will include the following:

    • Calculating the salary to be paid including bonuses, benefits in kind and equivalent social security, tax and pension arrangements, in liaison and in agreement with the HR departments involved (home country and host site)
    • Choosing the status of the employee, either on assignment or under a local contract, and making the necessary arrangements
    • Formulating the employment contract, three-party agreement or mobility addendum

  2. 2. We assist the HR department in each stage of the international assignment concerned:

    • Preparation of process prior to arrival in France
    • Help in drafting the employment contract and associated three-party agreement or mobility addendum
    • Calculations and necessary adjustments of the package, before presenting it to the employee, until his/her contract is signed
    • Answering any questions the employee might have
    • Passing on information and implementing the stages of the international assignment in liaison with the HR departments including the required declarations to be made to the authorities concerned
    • Coordination of different service providers
    • Setting a timetable to draw the attention of HR departments to the deadlines involved in the process
    • Producing regular reports, if necessary

  3. 3. We will assist the employee and his/her family throughout the duration of his/her international assignment with the following:

    • Immigration
    • Education
    • Relocation for temporary and permanent accommodation in France (with our partner)
    • Advice regarding and arrangement of social security cover (local or foreign scheme: sickness/maternity, death/disability, family benefits, unemployment, pension..)
    • Tax guidance (with our partner)
    • Preparation for return

Thanks to our experts and with our specific tools, we can help you implement the right management strategies for your business objectives.

How we work together

Sometimes, project managers and those responsible for bringing foreign nationals to France to work, including “seconded” or “salaried” employees or “foreign students”, forget about the whole battery of legal requirements, and in particular social security requirements, that are applicable in our country. We can work together to ensure such omissions are avoided.

“Legally hosting an impatriate has never been so easy.”


“We sent some construction personnel to France from our headquarters in Armenia, and there was an inspection on the site in Marseille. The inspector checked everyone’s residence cards and work permits and also asked questions like: “Who are you working for?”, “What are your working hours?”, and “Do you work on Saturdays?”. He also wrote to us asking for copies of pay slips issued in France. We didn’t have any problems.”
François, Site Manager.

“Our factory in France built a new production site in Asia to meet the specific needs of local customers. So we could get operational locally, we had to bring over a few dozen trainees so they could see what we did and how to use the equipment. L’Élan took care of all the paperwork, highlighted the legal aspects of the operation to us and everything went smoothly.”
Laurent, Project Manager China, in the food retail sector
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