Our french immigration expert' label

Since 2007, L'Élan has been nominated for and awarded the “MAGELLAN QUALITY LABEL” for its "Immigration" services. This label firmly testifies to the satisfaction of the member businesses.

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What is it all about?
By awarding such labels, the Magellan Network’s aim is to offer its members (international businesses) a selection of service providers offering top quality services in the field of International Human Resources management (international mobility, talent management, compensation and benefits). Labels are awarded per business sector and per Club (International Mobility, Comp & Ben or Talent).

This distinction is awarded by the Magellan Network (a network of HR and international mobility professionals). By receiving this label, L'Elan is added to the list of service providers selected for the quality of their services and the high standard of service offered to its clients.

It’s a recognition of the services it offers supporting international mobility.

Procedure for awarding expert labels
Awarding an expert label is decided by the Steering and Development Committee following a satisfaction survey with members of the club and a telephone survey with three companies.

L’ÉLAN c’est aussi un cabinet parisien qui, depuis presque 20 ans, met son expertise au service des entreprises, grands comptes, PME ou TPE, pour les assister et les conseiller sur les aspects juridiques, organisationnels et sociaux de la mobilité internationale et l'impatriation

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