Our approach

Dealing with the issues related to international mobility to France, immigration and social security requires strict attention to detail as well as flexibility. Our approach is based on concrete and rapid assistance for companies and expatriates.

Providing speedy information.
We want to give our clients and visitors practical, up-to-date information in line with their needs. We write articles on current themes related to international mobility and our clients automatically receive brief updates on new legislation and procedures.

Taking diversity into account.
Working abroad requires the implementation of many different practices and the application of different laws relating to immigration, employment, social security and taxation. We endeavour to keep you abreast of the actual situation by providing studies and comparative tables.

Customising each service.
Cases of international mobility (inpatriation or expatriation) differ from one business to another. We provide customised and specialised services and advice and, if you want, we can oversee the whole process for each inpatriate employee from the initial idea, through set-up, to the departure for the next expatriation.

Promoting ethical mobility.
Host companies, clients and inpatriates are bound by rights, duties and responsibilities laid down by French national legislation. Having detailed knowledge of and complying with them helps to ensure the success of all mobility projects. We hope and trust that our best practice approach will give you all the practical help you need.
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