«Secondment» or «French local work contract» ? How to optimise costs for international movements ?

L’ÉLAN spécialises in International Mobility, what we can do for you ?

Expatriates working in France, How to respect French labor and immigration laws ?

L’ÉLAN spécialises in French immigration, what we can do for you ?

French Social Security including Public Health Care, Family Allowances, Unemployment, Retirement scheme for expatriates working in France ?

L’ÉLAN spécialises in French Social Security, what we can do for you ?

International Mobility
If you need to arrange and manage the costs of employees coming to France for short or long-term projects, under a local contract or on temporary assignment.Read more
Immigration France
We help new clients every year and systematically follow up on expatriates in France. Read more
Social security
We examine, advise on and establish eligibility for healthcare cover and family, unemployment and retirement benefits for expatriates or posted workers. Read more

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