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L'ÉLAN - French Immigration expert
Expatriates working in France, how to respect French labor and immigration laws?

Every year, our firm helps new clients and provides continued support to expatriates in France.

We provide positive support to many employees and their families from the Asian continent (India, Japan etc), the European Union, North and South America and French-speaking Africa, to mention but a few, as they prepare to go and work for big groups, SMEs or very small undertakings. Some of them even have plans to create businesses in France.

Who we help
  • Employees coming to the country on assignment within the context of intra-group mobility or recruited directly from overseas
  • Highly qualified employees
  • Employees in France
  • Those applying for change of status or employer
  • Company officers and directors with a “business residence permit”
  • Scientists - researchers
  • Students preparing a thesis
  • Language assistants
  • University teachers
  • Performers and models
  • Investors
  • Athletes
  • Seasonal workers
  • People with a specific project and expertise making them a valuable contribution
  • People in family reunification situations
  • (...)
  • But also people whose situations are dealt with by bilateral agreements on professional migrations.

How we work together

We deal with every situation on a specific case-by-case basis. Of course, the laws are the same for everyone, but administrative and tax nuances can really make the difference between a successful procedure and a procedure that turns into a real assault course!

“Fulfilling all the administrative requirements of an impatriate has never been so easy.”


“The company’s dynamic and proactive team is invaluable in all the immigration procedures so we can be sure all the foreign nationals on our sites are legal. Having a preferential interface with the various departments (local government office, employment & business department, immigration office, embassies, etc), they do the work for us, making the arrangements for our impatriates so much easier”
Thierry, international mobility manager of a French group

L’ÉLAN c’est aussi un cabinet parisien qui, depuis presque 20 ans, met son expertise au service des entreprises, grands comptes, PME ou TPE, pour les assister et les conseiller sur les aspects juridiques, organisationnels et sociaux de la mobilité internationale et l'impatriation

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