Our business code

L'ÉLAN goes above and beyond to offer the best level of expertise to all our clients, including companies, specialised firms and expatriates in France. We are firmly committed to seven key principles in our work with you:
Respecting personal and corporate needs is the cornerstone of our working method. We won’t do anything or disclose any information without your prior consent. This is the very foundation of our reciprocal trust.

Our application of the French data protection act, the “loi informatique et libertés”, regarding the principles of data protection when collecting, processing and storing personal information complies with the recommendations of the CNIL (Data Protection Commission). No personal information is outsourced.

Exemplary regulation watch
Our knowledge and mastery of the legislation relating to foreign nationals, employment, taxation and social security are at the heart of our business and the added value we offer. We perform meticulous daily monitoring of such legislation and report back to you via brief updates which you’ll receive when working with us. They’ll fill you in on the essential details so you can apply the new procedures right away.

A real network within government offices
Over the years, L'ÉLAN has created a real network of links and contacts within the relevant government offices so we can process our clients’ requests quickly and efficiently. A necessary part of all procedures related to work and residency permits, government offices are also a source of reliable knowledge. The information and good practices used by L'ÉLAN are regularly validated by these organisations themselves.

Demanding standards given the legal and personal responsibilities involved
Successful mobility projects aren’t just about complying with the legal obligations. We also have to take the personal dimension into account so the expatriate or inpatriate, but also the host or originating company, feel confident during their experience.

Practical support to ensure compliance with the law
Rapidly changing immigration legislation, countless regulations and legal precedents create a complex legislative landscape where it’s sometimes difficult to identify the right procedures. Up to speed with the current legislative framework, our objective is to offer you concrete support in the applicable procedures and give you the advice and information you really need.

A complete service
Impatriation or expatriation can be a long process, with a whole series of stages you have to be able to identify and respect. They can be particularly long depending on the type of mobility. We offer you useful advice and informed support to ensure a smooth integration into the host country, and return to your country of origin, with the help of our partners.

With our fixed-price services, there aren’t any nasty surprises. Just ask and we’ll send you a price based on your request.

Here’s a sample of our prices for certain standard services for 2017 which vary according their complexity:
  • Feasibility study – average €90 excluding tax
  • Work permit/Visa – introduction or change of status/employer
    • Short stay (less than three months) – average €450 excluding tax
    • Long stay (more than three months) – average €1,600 excluding tax
  • Residence permit
    • Renewal – average €600 excluding tax
  • Posted worker for an international service
    • Delegation of a Legal Representative in France – average €1,000 excluding tax
  • Social security and payslips
    • CPAM – Application for carte vitale – average €500 excluding tax
    • “Understanding French Public Health Care” guide - €75 excluding tax
Many other services are offered for employees coming to France. Prices can be calculated on a fixed-price basis, per hour or per day or include an “end-to-end” service.

L’ÉLAN will send out a quote on request detailing the following points:
– Description of service
– Price of service(s) excluding tax
– Discounts, where applicable
– Terms of payment
– Validity of quote

Prices of services are as detailed in the quotes or contracts, accepted by the client. They are expressed in Euros and subject to VAT. The VAT rate and taxes applicable are as per the French legislation applicable on the date the contract is signed.

Invoices will be issued when the application has been submitted to the relevant government office or when the service required is delivered.

L’ÉLAN undertakes to perform its services in accordance with standard practices set out in the terms and conditions of the agreement, in compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations.

L’ÉLAN certifies it holds a professional liability policy covering its professional activities.

However, our liability cannot be sought in the following cases:
– an error caused by lack of information or incorrect information provided by the client;
– a delay caused by the client which makes it impossible to adhere to the times agreed.
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